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Digital Darkroom Pro

How To Customize Your Photoshop Workspace To Be More Productive

Often when working in Photoshop, I come across certain situations where I need to alter my Photoshop workspace to better suit the type of work that I am performing....
Camera Raw Exposed

Camera Raw Exposed – Introduction

Welcome to Camera Raw Exposed. My name is Annabella Dean and in this course, I'm going to walk you through every feature that Adobes Camera Raw 6.5 has to...
Camera Raw Exposed

What Is The Difference Between Shooting Raw Vs Jpeg?

So before we get started on Camera Raw I'd like to talk to you about the differences between shooting JPEG as opposed to Raw format which is primarily what...

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Lightroom & Photoshop

Do You Struggle To Create Photographs That Capture The Attention Of Your Friends & Family?

When I first started learning photography at university, I could never understand why my photos in comparison to other students weren't as impressive, lacked promise and to be honest...
Lightroom & Photoshop

5 Reasons Why Your Photography Business Needs Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Photography has advanced quite considerably over the last decade with the rise of digital technology and whilst it has made our lives easier, it has also had the reverse...

Highlights From Our Monthly Photography Challenge: July’s Theme… “Street Photography”

Each month, members of our community participate in a photography challenge where photographers aim to capture images based on a specific theme. The theme for the month of July...