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Digital Darkroom Pro

How To Automate Ongoing Processes Using Actions In Photoshop

One of the most powerful features in Photoshop is Actions. And if you've never heard of actions before, don't worry. All Actions, are, essentially, a way of automating processes...
Camera Raw Exposed

What Is The Difference Between Shooting Raw Vs Jpeg?

So before we get started on Camera Raw I'd like to talk to you about the differences between shooting JPEG as opposed to Raw format which is primarily what...
Digital Darkroom Pro

Understanding The Importance Of Soft-Proofing In Photoshop

One of the advantages of working on files inside of Photoshop after raw conversion is the ability to be able to actually soft proof your image to your final...

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Cameras & Equipment

5x Professional Techniques For Improving Focus When Shooting With Your DSLR

One of the most painful experiences felt as a photographer is the moment you check your photos realising that you have completely missed the focus on an image or...
Marketing & Sales

How To Effectively Communicate The Value Of Your Photography To Prospective Clients

One of the hardest skills a photographer has to learn is how to effectively communicate the value of their photography to prospective clients so that they not only make...
Lighting & Exposure

Creative Ideas For Photographing Colorful Liquid In Motion Using Flash

Have you ever thought about setting up your own photography studio? The equipment alone can be very expensive, but even with a simple setup you can create amazing photography...