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5x Photography Marketing Tutorials That Will Help You Grow Your Business

In this post you’ll find five tutorials that identify and address common problems photographers encounter when marketing their photography businesses.

9 Questions You Should Answer To Determine Your Photography Business Goals

In this article we’re going to discuss goals, why you need them and what you need to know in order to make educated decisions moving forward with your photography business.

It’s important not to skip this step, even if you already have a sound idea of what you business goals may be, because the key here is to take those ideas and get them down on paper so that you have a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve.

Top 10 Photography Podcasts You Seriously Need To Listen And Learn From…

There is an amazing wealth of knowledge and education on internet that can be accessed for free, if you know where to look…

In this blog post I’m going to reveal the top photography podcasts that you should be listening too and learning from to not only improve your photography, but also the skills you require to become a professional photographer and successful business owner.

How To Deter Price Shoppers & Get More Clients For Your Photography Business

One of the most annoying aspects of running a photography business (or any business for that matter…) when first starting out is having to deal with “Price Shoppers”.

Price shoppers are those annoying people that shop around looking for the cheapest products and services that they can find before making a decision on whether or not to buy.

How To Increase Sales By Simply Choosing The Right Photographic Paper For Your Business

Do you know which photographic paper the majority of your clients will choose time and time again, making you more sales and more profit for your photography business?

There are numerous photographic paper types on the market today and as photographers we are spoiled for choice. In effect this makes selecting the right photographic paper even more difficult.

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